8th Annual Hockey Classic

Registration is now open for the 8th Annual Kingston Police hockey Classic. It will be held at The Bog Ice Arena in Kingston 4/3/20-4/5/20. Cost of the tournament is $1250 per team. As in past years there will also be nightly entertainment at the Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth. Proceeds from the 8th Annual Classic will be donated to the Violently Injured Police Officers Organization (V.I.P.O).


Provide peer support to law enforcement officers who have been seriously injured or have had to use deadly force in the line of duty. We provide support, information, and resources to these officers and their families in any way possible, to assist them in transitioning after suffering these physical and emotional injuries.

Share our collective knowledge with our fellow police officers, so they have the tools they need for their road to recovery. It is our goal to provide this support and experience, especially to assist police departments throughout New England in establishing the proper policies, procedures, and protocols for line of duty deaths and serious bodily injuries.

Bring change to existing laws by working with law makers to pass legislation that will provide benefits to law enforcement officers who are injured in the line of duty and forced to retire.

For more information please go to their website https://vipo911.org/

2020 Teams

  1. Old Colony Police & Fire Hockey Club
  2. Middlesex Sheriff’s Department Hockey
  3. Cape Cod Black Knights
  4. Seekonk Police & Fire Hockey
  5. CT Guns HC
  6. Maine Bullets & Bandaids
  7. Oxford Sheriff’s Department
  8. Boneheads Hockey
  9. Punishers Hockey Club (Formerly Old Colony Corrections)
  10. Hull Police & Fire
  11. Local 369
  12. Brockton Fire
  13. Department of Homeland Security
  14. Attleboro Fire
  15. Providence FOP
  16. RI Saints
  17. Plymouth Fire
  18. Quincy Fire
  19. Triceratopshelf (Formerly Brewster Ambulance)
  20. NJSPBA Strongest
  21. New Bedford Police
  22. Boston EMS
  23. Cape Cod Police & Fire
  24. Vineyard Police Hockey
  25. Fallen Heroes Hockey
  26. Camden Blue Liners
  27. 718 Stars (Boston Fire 2)
  28. Boston Fire
  29. Boston Police
  30. Rochester NH Police
  31. Mass State DOC

Past Teams

  1. Old Colony Police & Fire
  2. CT Guns HC 
  3. Brockton Fire
  4. Seekonk Police & Fire
  5. Old Colony Correction Center
  6. Veterans of Mass Dysfunction
  7. Maine Bullets & Band Aids
  8. Boston EMS
  9. Quincy Fire
  10. Cape Cod Black Knights
  11. Local 369
  12. Islanders (Martha’s Vineyard PD)
  13. Hull Police & Fire
  14. Brewster Ambulance
  15. New Bedford Police
  16. Middlesex Sheriff’s Office 
  17. Scituate Police & Fire
  18. Boston Police
  19. Massachusetts State DOC 
  20. Providence FOP
  21. Plymouth Fire
  22. Camden NJ Police Blue Knights
  23. Attleboro Fire
  24. Boston Fire
  25. NJSPBA Strongest
  26. Boneheads Hockey Club
  27. Norfolk County Sheriff’s Department 
  28. Cape Cod Police & Fire
  29. Worcester Fire Department
  30. Massport Fire
  31. RI Saints
  32. North American Blue
  33. Philadelphia Police Department
  34. FBI-New York
  35. Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
  36. Philly’s Finest
  37. FBI-Boston
  38. Massachusetts State Police

Point of contact for the tournament is:
Sgt. Scott Morgan
Kingston Police Department